The Frasca 142’s handling and performance characteristics are similar to that of a typical light, twin engine airplane. For distinctive realism, a single engine conversion kit can be added in just minutes! It is this kind of versatility that permits the 142 to support virtually all of the requirements for piston engine flight training.

Display System

The Frasca 142 uses a TruFlight 170 degree wrap around full visual screen that creates realistic, fully textured airport scenes. Day/night/dusk conditions are portrayed, as are various weather conditions such as; clouds, reduced visibility, snow, rain, lighting, and cross winds


  • FAA Approved flight training device
  • Jeppesen Nav. Data
  • 170 Degree wrap around visual display
  • Simulates various weather conditions
  • Actual Garmin GNS 430 GPS/NAV/COM
  • Actual King KLN 94 GPS
  • KFC 150 Auto Pilot System
  • Electric Trim

Cockpit Simulation

The cockpit accurately replicates the flight deck area of a typical light multi-engine aircraft. The Frasca 142 is capable of duplicating either piston singles or twins including pressurized and turbocharged aircraft.

Aerodynamic Effects

The Frasca 142 will model the aircraft’s aerodynamics in accordance with the data package. This data will include the effect of aerodynamic changes for the various combinations of drag and thrust normally encountered in flight. These correspond to actual flight conditions including the effects of attitude, thrust, drag, altitude, temperature, gross weight, center of gravity location and aircraft configuration.