Autel Evo Ii Pro

By developer In On September 28, 2021

Upgrade your kit to its full potential and achieve new visual heights with EVO II Pro. With a 1-inch sensor camera capable of capturing epic video up to 30fps, you are now able to record stunning detail not possible before on an aerial platform of this size.

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Featuring HDR video, intuitive camera controls, and an adjustable aperture with a max ISO of 12,800, EVO II Pro allows you to have exceptional performance and flexibility in any shooting environment. Included with EVO II Pro is a smart controller featuring a built-in 3.3- inch OLED display, eliminating the need for a mobile device. With a four-hour battery life and an ergonomic, compact design, pilots can easily pack and fly on the go.





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Professional film creators will find camera controls and features that they have come to expect as the industry standard. Capable of capturing epic video up to 30fps and 4K video up to 60fps, our EVO II Pro features built-in HDR bracketing and HDR video, 10- 12 bit recording, H.265 codec, and A-LOG gamma curve.


best drone for photography 6k dronePHOTOGRAPHY

With EVO II Pro, photos have never looked so good. Re-experience every moment with exceptional low-light photography and time-lapse capabilities made possible with our 1-inch sensor. With an adjustable aperture from f/2.8-f/11, max ISO of 12,800, built-in HDR bracketing, and 20MP stills, pilots now have unmatched performance and flexibility.


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Featuring our new PRO 1-inch sensor, EVO II Pro gives users the highest quality pixels available on a foldable drone. Flexible and intuitive mission planning allows the pilot to create custom waypoints for any job. With SDK available soon for third-party integration, executing your mission is easier than ever.

What's Included



1x Aircraft and Gimbal Holder

1x EVO II Pro Camera

2x Batteries

1x Remote Controller

1x 110V Charger

1x 32GB U3 SD Card

1x SD Cardholder

1x 12″ Cable USB Micro A-USB Type C

3x Propellers (pairs)

1x EVO II Hard Rugged Case

1x 12″ Cable USB Micro A- USB Micro B

1x Packing List

1x Quick Guide

1x Disclaimer & Safety Instructions

1x Battery Safe-Use Guide




Extra Batteries

$219 (we suggest a total of 4-6 batteries to fly all day)

Extra Chargers

$78 110V Charger for Batteries & RC

$89 Battery Charging Hub

$79 12V Car Charger

Propellers $18

$19.95 Prop Guards


$239.95 Hard Rugged Case

$299 2-in-1 Hard Case

$99 Soft Shoulder Bag

$299.95 On-The-Go Bundle: Soft Shoulder Bag, (1x battery, 2x pairs of props)

Live Streaming Hub $449 Autel Live Deck

RC $288


$199.95 FoxFury Lighting Kit (incl 1x saddle 2x lights) $130 FoxFury 2 – D3060 lights $99.95 FoxFury saddle 7 position

Camera Lens Filters

TBA EVO II 8K ND filters kit (4, 8, 16 ND) TBA EVO II 6K ND filters kit (4, 8, 16 ND) TBA EVO II 8K Replacement Clear UV filter TBA EVO II 6K Replacement Clear UV filter

Professional Flight Training

1-Day, HSE Location (Orlando, FL) $599, ea

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