The redesigned Redbird TD2 give you the freedom to fly with interchangeable glass and steam gauges on one device. They represent generic, single-engine piston training aircraft. With the TD2, you can fly with or without retractable gear, a constant speed prop, and or a high-performance engine.

  • Interchangeable instrument panel – traditional or glass configurations.
  • Complete terrain and airport database.
  • Equipped with computer, monitor, instrument panel, keyboard, and speakers.
  • The ergonomically correct design easily slides onto a sturdy, solid table.
  • FAA Approved BATD with optional rudder pedals.
  • Failure Hotkeys.

Display System

Redbird simulator session with the extended monitors. The side monitors add 60” to your field of view, making them ideal for VFR training and navigation practice. Also perfect for IFR and procedures training – circling approaches and low approaches are more realistic and engaging.


  • Actual Garmin G1000 Avionics Flight Deck System.
  • Full WAAS Capability.
  • Reconfigurable Visual Database.
  • Full-sized flight controls.
  • Jeppesen nav database.