The Beechcraft King Air flight training device was designed and built to meet FAA requirements. The King Air cockpit accurately replicates the flight deck area of a Beechcraft King Air 200. King Air models 90 through 350 are also supported.

Display System

A TruVision 170 degree wrap around full visual screen is used that creates realistic, fully textured airport scenes. Day/night/dusk conditions are portrayed, as are various weather conditions such as; clouds, reduced visibility, snow, rain, lighting, and cross winds.


  • FAA Approved flight training device
  • 170 Degree wrap around visual display
  • Dynamic Control Loading
  • DSP based sound system
  • Jeppesen Data Base
  • KFC 200 Auto pilot system
  • KLN 90B
  • KNS 80

Aerodynamic Effects

The King Air flight training device models the aircraft’s aerodynamics in accordance with the data package. This data includes the effect of aerodynamic changes for the various combinations of drag and thrust normally encountered in flight. These correspond to actual flight conditions including the effects of attitude, thrust, drag, altitude, temperature, gross weight, center of gravity location, and aircraft configuration.

Aircraft Systems Simulation

Simulated aircraft systems are operative to the extent required to perform normal, abnormal, and emergency operating procedures. These systems include but are not limited to; Engines, Electrical Systems, Flight Controls, Fuel System, Hydraulic System, Lighting System, Air-conditioning System, Pneumatics System, Pressurization System, and Propeller.